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Alessio Sundas and that dream come true, the Gods of Italian football in America

The Gods of Italian football land in the United States thanks to the meticulous work of the players agent Alessio Sundas

23.06.2021 11:30

Alessio Sundas is the Italian player agent of excellence who has decided to "emigrate" to the United States with the sole purpose of making one of his greatest dreams come true.

His multi-year career boasts important collaborations in the world of football and it’s precisely from this beautiful sport that Sundas' idea is conceived: to bring the Gods of Italian football to the States.

An idea born as a dream that, over the years, has materially translated into reality; indeed, the same players agent has succeeded in his intent by bringing the great names of Italian football overseas.

Specifically, we’re talking about: Francesco Moriero (coach); Fabrizio Miccoli (assistant coach); Andrea Mazzantini (goalkeeper trainer); Claudio Bordon (athletic trainer); Marco Canolintas (athletic trainer).

Moriero, born in Lecce, is a football coach and, at the same time, a former footballer. He was basically a midfielder, he was called up for the national team (his debut dates back to the 1998 World Cup call-up) and he possessed uncommon characteristics: skill, sprint and speed in dribbling. In addition, his goals are also renowned, mainly achieved in the overhead kick, an excellence in acrobatic play and, even though he was an attacking winger, he was also quite inclined in defense.

Like Moriero, Miccoli also boasts a considerable career, as he too was a player called up for the national team, totaling 10 appearances and 2 goals. He wore the most prestigious shirts of Italian football, covering the role of forward. He is currently a football coach.

Subsequently, Andrea Mazzantini, a goalkeeper known for his acrobatic interventions, very gifted under the athletic point of view. Now he’s a football coach and a goalkeeper coach.

Claudio Bordon is currently an athletic trainer and started his career doing all categories passing from amateur football, interregional, reaching Serie B and A.

Finally, the very young Marco Canolintas, the famous athletic trainer who combines study, technique and training to improve the performance of each individual player. Now, however, at the helm of Miami Magic FC.

Therefore, a prominent personality that Alessio Sundas now has under his protective wing, as the players agent is convinced that the Italian method is unquestionably the best.


Eleonora Boccuni


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