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Alessio Sundas: “England apologize” and wrote to Infantino

13.07.2021 18:33

Alessio Sundas points the finger at the players who have taken off their medals and asks Infantino tougher rules for those who commit “crimes” of this kind. The sports prosecutor reports: “After the Italy-England match it would be useful to issue stricter rules, as the behavior of the English was certainly not exemplary. I sent – he highlights – a request to Infantino in order to underline what has just been said, intervening with drastic measures: a lifetime warning to join a club or a team; a one-year disqualification or total banning that would not allow the sportsman to play anymore and – he adds – also a disqualification sanction against managers who follow this type of behavior “. Harsh words those of Sundas that, in all probability, are shared by the vast multitude of Italians (and not), as certain behaviors should be avoided, both to soothe episodes of violence and to set a good example (especially when a character / player of such notoriety has perennially the spotlight).

But that’s not all, as the players’ agent will go to Inter Miami to talk to David Beckham, as even the coach and former footballer himself should apologize for his England and should intervene in order to reason with the his country regarding the mistake made (both by fans and players).

Eleonora Boccuni


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