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Italy at the top of Europe

12.07.2021 21:05

The excellent performance and the method that made it possible for the Azzurri to win the 2020 European Championship

An engaging and exciting European saw the Azzurri triumph until the last match played against England at Wembley. A well-deserved victory for Italy which, since the group stages, has never seen it under a goal until the day of the fateful final.


All the Italians were apprehensive, but the performance of the Azzurri, the scheme adopted by the coach. Roberto Mancini, their technique, their skills and team play have favored them clearly over any opposing team.

Despite Spinazzola’s injury, the multiple yellow cards flapped against the hostess, a physical (and in some ways also “violent”) game, Chiesa’s exit due to the aggressive scoring of the English defenders, despite the boos of the opposing fans on the notes of the national anthem (and not only) and despite the misplaced criticisms, Italy made us dream and painted the night of July 11th blue. He believed in it until the end, he played with class, in the right way, pressing and creating interesting actions that, fortunately for them, didn’t change the tie result maintained even in extra time.

An Italy that has also made a name for itself in the penalty shootout, thanks, above all, to the very important saves from Donnarumma that decreed the victory at Euro 2020.

But behind these amazing performances there isn’t only the passion, there isn’t only the heart, there’s also a (secret) method that has contributed to the realization of this dream.

This is the renowned “enhancement” whose proponent and creator is Alessio Sundas, the Italian players’ agent who conceived this method based on the use of cutting-edge technologies and tools (such as GPS and VEO cameras), all assisted by the presence of experts who follow the young sportsman in all phases of growth, also working on those who are the weak points of the player until they are totally non-existent.

Therefore, a winning method that Sundas himself highlights given the happy event that made everyone proud of their team.

Eleonora Boccuni


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